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Industrial Automation (IAT)

The chair for industrial automation at ACIN delivers research and education in the fields of precision engineering, scientific instrumentation and process-measurement systems, as well as distributed automation and control systems. A special focus of these research domains is on industrially relevant applications.
Our research activities aim towards the development of an integrated systems design approach, including theoretical aspects and advanced control methods, for industrial automation, production, and measurement systems.
In general, integrated system design and advanced control, e.g., of mechatronic and micro-systems, will play an important role in future technology. The demands on highest precision and throughput require advanced mechatronic designs and highly sophisticated controllers. Already at the system design phase all components involved in the specific application have to be considered. Examples for these components are the mechanical structure of the device as well as the power source, the actuators, the sensors, the control system, and the eventual application. Further requirements are a modular system design, re-usability of individual sub-systems, and re-configurability of the overall integrated system. Simultaneously most of the future applications demand a low cost and robust implementation.
Achieving these objectives in a systematic way requires a significant research effort towards the optimal integration of process design and control design.