Backstepping-based observer design for parabolic PDEs with varying parameters

Model-based control and advanced process monitoring usually require full state information. This is in particular evident if control strategies are utilized by means of state feedback or if algorithms based on full state knowledge are applied to improve the insight into the system behavior, e.g., for diagnostic or error detection purposes. In general, the complete state information cannot be directly measured. This is especially true for distributed-parameter systems, i.e., systems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs).Therefore, an observer is required to estimate the state variables from the knowledge of measured input and output variables as well as the mathematical model of the system. Read more →

Modeling and Control of a Cooling System with compact plate heat exchangers2010 - 2014

Fluid-fluid cooling systems are widely used in industrial applications. The mathematical model of a heat exchanger is a distributed-parameter system because of the convective heat transfer. The parametrization of the heat transfer requires extensive identintification. Thus, a nonlinear control law was designed in this project, which is indepent of the overall heat transfer coefficient. Read more →