Research laboratories – Automation & Control Institute

Research laboratories

The Automation and Control Institute is also the home of different research laboratories, which are embedded in the research structure, but constitute specifically set-up and externally funded research units with a fixed term-time.

Festo System Laboratory for Autonomous Handling Systems

The Festo System Laboratory is devoted to long-run topics of basic research and applied research. With this, ACIN and Festo AG strengthen their successful long-term cooperation in the field of autonomous handling systems. Read more →

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Based Process Control in the Steel Industry

In the CD-Laboratory for Model-Based Process Control in the Steel Industry, control problems from the manufacturing process of steel strip are solved. The research is focussed on hot rolling, annealing, and galvanizing of steel strips. Read more →

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Precision Engineering for Automated In-Line Metrology

The CD-Laboratory develops 3D metrology system with high resolution, suited to deal with the ever increasing demands on reliability and throughput in modern production systems. High precision and flexibility are thereby required to inspect diverse product features directly in the production line by means of in-line metrology systems. Read more →