Year: 2019

Preisregen für ACIN

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BOP Challenge 2019 Award

Kiru Park presented the paper “Pix2Pose: Pixel-Wise Coordinate Regression of Objects for 6D Pose Estimation” (K. Park, T. Patten, M. Vincze) at the 5th International Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose, organized at ICCV 2019, October 28, Seoul, Korea.

The BOP Challenge 2019 (Benchmark for 6D Object Pose Estimation), whose goal is to capture the state of the art in estimating the 6D pose, was part of this workshop and the methods Mr. Park described in his paper won an award as the best performing method for two datasets, namely YCB-Video and Rutgers Amazon Picking Challenge.

Best Paper Award for S. Alexandrov

Sergey Alexandrov was awarded the Best Paper Award at 12th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems for the paper “Leveraging Symmetries to improve Object Detection and Pose Estimation from Range Data” (S. V. Alexandrov, T. Patten, M. Vincze).
fotocredit: ICVS 2019

Best Paper Award for G. Jäggle

The paper “A Study on Pupils’ Motivation to Pursue a STEM Career” (G. Jäggle, M. Merdan, G. Koppensteiner, W. Lepuschitz, A. Posekany, M. Vincze) received the Best Paper Award at the ICL 2019 International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning.

Best Young Author Award for M. Saxinger

In the course of the joint conference Mechatronics & Nolcos 2019 Martin Saxinger was awarded the MECHATRONICS 2019 Best Young Author Award for the paper “Non-Collocated Position Control of Steel Strip with Electromagnetic Rejection of Unknown Multi-Harmonic Disturbances” (M. Saxinger, L. Marko, A. Steinboeck, A. Kugi).

Houskapreis 2019 an Blue Danube Robotics

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Best Paper Award for Lukas MARKO

Lukas MARKO received the Best Paper Award at the VDI-Mechatroniktagung 2019 for his paper “Elektromagnetische Schwingungstilgung für Stahlbänder mit unbekannter harmonischer Störung” (L. Marko, M. Saxinger, A. Steinböck, A. Kugi)

Awards for A. Deutschmann

Andreas Deutschmann was awarded twice at the 53. Regelungstechnischen Kolloquium in Boppard:

  • Best Paper Award for his paper published in the magazine “at – Automatisierungstechnik“ („Identifikation und Simulation optischer Verstärker für ultra-kurze Laserpulse“, A. Deutschmann, P. Malevich, A. Baltuška, A. Kugi)
  • Best Presentation Award for his presentation on „Regelung regenerativer optischer Verstärker für ultrakurze Laserpulse“.