High resolution long range Lidar for autonomous driving (LiDcAR)

Project focus

  • Evaluation and control of scanning systems for Lidar applications
  • Development of experimental lidar prototypes
  • Field test of the developed lidar prototypes with an autonomous driving vehicle
  • Performance assessments of the lidar prototypes


Snapshot of 3D point clouds of an automotive lidar system (Velodyne HDL-64) from [Himmelsbach et al, ”LIDAR-based 3D Object Perception”, 2008]

Lidar is an acronym for light detection and ranging, in analogy to radar. Lidar has received much attention in the automotive industry as a key component for high level automated driving systems. Compared to other sensing techniques such as stereo cameras and radar, lidar can provide high resolution and highly accurate 3D measurements of the surroundings and robust detection in various weather conditions. The lidar sensors are expected to ensure the safety in automated driving applications such as collision detection, blind spot monitoring, object and pedestrian recognition, and terrain mapping. Currently Google, BMW, Ford, Volvo and other autonomous car developers include lidar sensors in their systems for safe driving.

Evaluation of MEMS scanning mirror using a position sensitive device

The main challenges of this project are in the development and evaluation of the scanning system in the lidar sensor. Currently a polygon scanner, MEMS mirror and optical phase arrays are studied for the potential scanning system . The scanning system for the lidar for autonomous driving requires extreme robustness in harsh environmental conditions, i.e. large temperature range, humidity, dust, shock, and vibration. The scanning system in lidar should provide seamless operation to ensure the safety of the drivers and pedestrians. In addition, the performance of the lidar sensor will be defined and measured precisely to ensure the safety requirements with sufficient accuracy.

This project aims to develop precise and robust scanning systems for lidars. The research includes investigation of the various scanning techniques as well as the methodology to evaluate the performance of the lidar and its scanning system. The developed lidar and evaluation platform will be mounted in an autonomous vehicle and tested in the field.

Application areas

  • Lidar for autonomous driving
  • Precision measurement system

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