Research areas

Mechatronic Design & System Integration

Our research activities in the field of mechatronic design and system integration aim towards the development of an integrated systems design approach, including theoretical aspects and advanced control methods, for precision motion systems, mechatronic imaging and measurement systems, as well as for modular robotic systems. Read more →

Scientific Imaging and Metrology Systems

In our research, we put a strong focus on improving the performance of mechatronic imaging and measurement systems. Here, mechatronics and feedback control are very important domains, bearing a huge innovation potential to enhance system performance of scanning-based imaging and metrology systems, Read more →

Precision Motion Systems

Motion control with highest precision at high bandwidths is a prerequisite for a broad variety of applications, such as scanning probe systems as well as for the next generation of lithography machines in semiconductor production, and other systems from high-tech industry. A typical requirement and challenge for precision motion applications is the need to achieve a wide dynamic range of 5 to 9 orders of magnitude. Read more →

Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Industrial Automation & Control Systems are key elements in any production system for both discrete manufacturing as well as for batch and continuous production processes. One challenge nowadays is that the cost for programming and commissioning of manufacturing systems is covering the largest fraction of cost for new manufacturing systems. Read more →