Measurement and Instrumentation

This course gives an introduction to electrical measurements and metrology systems. The content starts with basics of metrology and the measurement of electrical variables and properties (e.g. current, voltage, power, resistance, impedance) via measurement circuits, amplifiers, physical sensors, time and frequency measurement up to ditigal and automated measurement systems.

  • Lecturer: Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Georg Schitter
  • Detailed information: TISS 376.045



For the preparation for the exam, exercises from past exams are provided:

Lecture notes

  • This course is based on the book (in German):
    E. Schrüfer, L.M. Reindl, B. Zagar, Elektrische Messtechnik, Messung elektrischer und nichtelektrischer Größen. 10. Auflage, Hanser Verlag 08/2012, 468 Seiten,
    ISBN 978-3-446-43079-2
    The electronic version of this book is provided as an e-book (campus license) and can be downloaded for free from the library of TU Vienna (