Selected Topics: Mechatronics and Instrumentation

The main goal of the course is a deeper understanding of components and their interaction in modern mechatronic systems. Representative systems (such as printers, hard disks, scanners, DVD drives,… ) are part of the analysis, which includes hands-on (dis)-assembly of the device and operation/evaluation of built-in components. A fully equipped measurement instrumentation lab is available for this course and provides a productive environment for participating students. In summary, the lecture covers the following points:

  • Get knowledge of mechatronic components through reverse engineering
  •  Building of simple demonstrators for diverse sensors and actuators based on the given systems
  • Independent design, evaluation and refinement of self-made prototypes solving a practical challenge

Content of the course

The students are divided into small groups (2-3 people) and get supervised access to the laboratories, where they first have analyse a mechatronic system (such as printers, scanners, hard disk, …) and later build a prototype according to a given task.

In the first part (Reverse Engineering) the students learn to understand the individual components of their assigned systems and develop simple demonstrators for each actuator and sensor. The necessary materials for the operation of the analog and/or digital circuits will be available. However, an independent acquiring of the skills necessary will be assumed (data sheets, documentation, microcontrollers, op amps, …).
In the second part (Prototyping) every group receives a certain task. Based on the knowledge gained in the first project phase, the students will design and implement a mechatronic prototype. A solution is not precisely defined, but is regularly discussed with the supervisors. The results will be evaluated during a presentation at the end of the course.


Lecture notes


Examination modality

Continous assessment of course work including:

  • Periodic project meetings
  • Documentation using a lab-book
  • Two oral presentations
  • Functional prototype of a mechatronic system


Weitere Hinweise

Für den Betrieb der Laborübung werden ausgemusterte Elektrogeräte verwendet. Folgende Geräte werden sehr gerne ganzjährig von Andreas Sinn (CA0415) entgegengenommen und unterstützen den Lehrbetrieb dieser Fachvertiefung:

  • Tintenstrahldrucker
  • Multifunktionsdrucker (Tintenstrahl)
  • Scanner
  • CD/DVD Laufwerke
  • Diskettenlaufwerke
  • Festplatten.