Modeling, observer design, and control of continuous casting processes

This project deals with modelling and control of the mold level, the flow patterns in the submerged entry nozzle and in the mold, and the withdrawal forces in the continuous casting process of steel. Read more →

Modeling, observer design, and control of material properties in strip processing lines

This project is focussed on open- and closed-loop control of phase transformation processes, estimation and soft-sensing of microstructural changes, and the design of data-driven and model-based estimation and optimal control concepts for macroscopic material properties. Read more →

Modeling, observer design, and control of the coating weight and surface quality in hot-dip galvanizing lines for steel strips

In this project, new strategies for controlling product surface properties during the hot dip galvanizing process of steel strips are developed. Among these properties are the zinc coating weight, the iron concentration in the coating layer after galvannealing, and the surface quality after temper rolling. Read more →