Active camera stabilization platform2010 - 2014

Stabilizing the orientation of the camera is an important task in filming dynamic scenes in movie or tv productions. This project considered a new active camera stabilization platform developed by qinematiq. The project included the system design, the developement of an attitude estimation strategy and the design of a nonlinear attitude control strategy. Read more →

Mobile DRT VLF test system2011 - 2015

Testing of high voltage cable is important to guarantee the reliabilty of electric distribution networks. This project considered the control of a test system, which utilizes high voltage with very low frequency (VLF). A main part of the project was the optimization of the system parameters in order to improve the overall closed loop behavior. The practical feasibility of the control and estimation strategies was proven by means of measurements on the real test system. Read more →

Nonlinear control and protection concepts for Smart Power ICs

Smart Power ICs are Power Switches with integrated control and protection functions for the switching of middle and high current loads in industrial and automotive applications. Due to customer specifications and electromagnetic compatibility requirements it is often desired to limit the current and voltage slew rate at the output terminal of Smart power ICs by minimizing the switching losses at the same time. Read more →

Soft landing strategies for electromagnetic fast-switching valves

This project is concerned with the development of a soft landing control strategy electromagnetic valves. The main goal is to guarantee time-optimal switching of the valves with minimal impact velocity of the plunger at the limit stops. Thus, the approach combines the benefits of fast response and low maintenance intervals. Read more →