Robotic Systems Lab

The Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) at ACIN was founded in April 2022, after Univ.-Prof. Christian Ott joined TU Wien.

Our research at RSL is focused on new approaches for motion generation and feedback control of various robotic systems ranging from collaborative manipulators, compliant robots, to complex humanoids. Our research builds up on a solid basis of model-based nonlinear control in robotics and we utilize fundamental system properties, such as passivity or the existence of inertially decoupled coordinates, in the controller design. Additionally, we aim for a tailored balance between model-based system design and data-based control approaches for handling phenomena, for which an accurate model is hard to obtain.

The research activities in the RSL can be roughly structured in the following categories.

Please visit our Youtube Channel @RSL_TUW for some demonstrations of our recent results.

For more details on our infrastructure, our current projects, and publications, please follow the respective link.