Crazy Robots – Robotic Product Development

The Crazy Robots concept is an activity for lower secondary education classes and TU Wien students who visit the lecture “Produktentwicklung am Beispiel Roboter”. A team of TU Wien students from different fields of study is assigned to a school class at the beginning of the semester. After team building exercises and having received the project order and necessary tools, the team conceptualizes, plans, and organizes a robotic product development activity for the class. The university students visit the class five times for two school units and accompany their product development process. With the TU Wien students as their mentors, the class develops a robotic product idea for a real-world problem as a team, builds a prototype and prepares a product idea pitch. At the end of the semester, the product idea is pitched to a jury of experts from robotics, education and product innovation. The school class demonstrates their product idea with their prototype and receives an assessment about the product idea (design and functions) and their presentation.


Here are some product ideas from sommer semester 2018:



Here are some product ideas from winter semester 2017:


TU Wien ACIN Lecture

The TU Wien students are accompanied with a lecture:

Produktentwicklung am Beispiel Roboter 376.068, VU, Wintersemester
Produktentwicklung am Beispiel Roboter 376.070, VU, Sommersemester

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