The project deals with the total installation and processing of floor structures including underfloor heating of our industrial partner mixit Dämmstoffe GmbH. Our focus in the project lies on the construction of an automated leveling robot in order to increase the distribution quality and achieve a shorter processing time. Read more →

Distributed Intelligent Automation with Next-generation Architecture – DIANA

The DIANA project is a solely industry funded project, funded by Rockwell Automation Inc, and is concerned with the development of novel industrial control applications, methods, and solutions. Another main focus of the DIANA project is the development and fostering of EtherNet/IP (tm) and the open-source EtherNet/IP (tm) adapter stack OpENer. Read more →

Ball on Ball

Vision-based measurement methods are becoming increasingly important in automation technology. Well-known examples are autonomous vehicles that navigate through the environment using a variety of imaging sensors, or robots that detect if someone has entered the working area using a camera. Nowadays the needed computing power for real-time image processing is readily-available which opens up new possibilities to use vision-based measurement methods in industrial automation. Read more →


Project Noreia entitles the design and development of a highly sophisticated PVD deposition plant, which consider state of the art developments in automation and control as well as deposition techniques. The design and development is conducted in a framework between the Institute of Materials Science and Technology (Prof. Paul H. Mayrhofer) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology within the Vienna University of Technology. Read more →

PDZ Learn Motion

The improvement of the process changeover of modular manipulators offers enormous potential for process optimization in small-series production. Current handling devices can not be converted quickly to new products and production processes sufficiently. Especially for SMEs, the cost of retrofitting the production plant usually exceed the benefits, which is why they cannot compete in the market. Read more →

Component-based design of industrial control applications utilizing formal methods

The project scope includes the development of a library of standardized software components. Such software components enable a simplified implementation of industrial control applications by composition of such components on an abstract level. Furthermore, the library components already define integrated basic control functionality of the underlying hardware component and provide services for connecting several components in a flexible manner with each other (application integration). Read more →