Eva is a low-cost robotic head for the purpose of testing human robot interaction and object classification and object search. Eva is built out of off-the-shelf products such as an IKEA metal bowl, a mini LED beamer, a cake taker or cake butler, RC servos and usb controller boards.

Eva is built in-house and funded by our group. Started as a seminar work for two students in the beginning of 2011, Eva evolved into a well-designed piece of robotic hardware and showed its capabilities at the Long Night of Robotics (as part of the European Robotics Week). The latest involvement was with the project Grasp, where the robotic head was used for object classification, object tracking and Human Robot Interaction.

Responsible individuals

  • Walter Wolkinger – wolkinger(at)acin.tuwien.ac.at
  • Andreas Baldinger – baldinger(at)acin.tuwien.ac.at


Videos can be found on the V4R youtube channel.