Since the beginning of 2009 Vienna has its first humanoid robot soccer team called the Austrian-Kangaroos. The team composed of researchers is supported by the Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) and the Institute of Computer Languages Compilers and Languages Group (COMPLANG) from the TU Wien, as well as from the Institute of Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. The team develops under the supervision of Markus Bader, Dietmar Schreiner und Alexander Hofmann new algorithms for the robotic, computer vision and artificial intelligence domain.

Research Project

The V4R group at the TU Wien uses the Kangaroos for their research towards robots that see and interact with the world. The nice humanoids allow us to detect objects and structures in the environment and they enable a natural and nearly human-like interaction. And certainly, they are fun to work with. Linear and complex dynamical systems is the resarch domain of the Complex Dynamical Systems group at ACIN. The nao robots are robots with about 25 degrees of freedom and therefore a ideal research platform to test and develop new control systems and compare them to actual developments via generic or reenforced programming techniques.

Responsible People

Markus Bader – bader(at)


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RoboCup GermanOpen2010 – Dietmar Schreiner, Benjamin Hofmann, Thomas Koletschka, Stefan Eigner, Emanuel Laki, Bernhard Miller, Markus Bader

RoboCup WM 2011 Istanbul

RoboCup 2010, Singapur