Manipulation and Locomotion

The core of the course “Manipulation and Locomotion” is a lecture on advanced methods for system analysis and control of robotic manipulation and locomotion tasks. To deepen, reinforce, and practically apply the material, computation exercises and simulations using the software Matlab/Simulink will be conducted. Additionally, one lecture on Teleoperation will be given by an expert guest lecturer from the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Lecture topics: Advanced control approaches for manipulation and locomotion: Compliant Motion Control, Hybrid Force/Position Control, Cartesian impedance- and admittance control, Passivity-based adaptive control in robotics, FDIR (Fault Detection, Identification, and Recovery), Disturbance observers, robot safety, grasping, Micro-Macro-Manipulation, Hierarchic control of multiple tasks, Operational Space Formulation, Elastic robots, Template models  and ground reference points in locomotion: Zero Moment Point, Center-of-Pressure, Capture Point, Gait stabilization, Limit cycle analysis for passive dynamic walkers, Hybrid zero dynamics.

Lecture Material

All lecture material will be provided in the TUWEL Course.