Laboratory Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control

The main objective of this course is the practical application of the contents of the lectures ‘Control Systems 2’ and ‘Automation’. In particular the design of nonlinear feedforward and feedback control as well as observer strategies will be carried out for specific applications and validated by means of simulations and measurements on lab experiments.

  • Organisation: Marc-Philip Ecker
  • Detailed information: TISS 376.085

General dates

Kick-off meeting on 05.10.2022, 1:00 pm in EI 8 Pötzl HS – QUER


The lecture notes and exercise files will be provided starting with the semester.

Lecture notes

  • Organization
  • Exercise 1 : Energy- and Lyapunov-based methods
  • Exercise 2 : Exact Linearization
  • Exercise 3 : Trajectory following control


  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3