How to Invent a Robot – Product Development from the User Perspective

Based on the Design Thinking method from the University of Stanford, we treat the product development cycles empathize, envision and build with a focus on innovative solutions with interdisciplinary teamwork and self-reflection. In a clearly defined framework, the students work out specific solutions in teams to address a problem from the pool of Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and present them to a jury of innovation experts.

All fields of study are welcome! We need specialists, generalists and lateral thinkers who are willing to think outside the box and grow. Pre-knowledge of robotics is not necessary.

“Autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) have the potential to contribute to the resolution of some of the world’s most pressing problems, including: violation of fundamental rights, poverty, exploitation, climate change, lack of high-quality services to excluded populations, increased violence, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.” AI/S for Sustainable Development (IEEE Standards)