Mechatronic Systems

The aim of this course is to understand the basic principles and basics of system integration of mechatronic systems. This includes system dynamics and the physical working principles of mechatronic components and subsystems, since they are used as high-tech automation solutions in modern mechatronic systems.

In the lecture, a comprehensive approach and related system concepts are presented for technical analysis and the evaluation of existing mechatronic systems, as well as the design and selection of optimal components and working principles.

In the corresponding lab course, the theoretical principles are applied to real systems. Students build up mechatronic systems and analyze/change their dynamic behavior.


The lecture notes will be provided starting with the semester.

Computational exercises

Examination modalities

This course has an immanent examination character, beginning with the registration for the lab exercises in CAX.
The successful completion of the CAX-laboratory and the computational exercises during the course is a prerequisite for admission to the final oral exam – if this prerequisite is not fulfilled a negative grade has to be given for the entire course.