The aim of this course is to become familiar with state-of-the-art nano-measurement technology, with a focus on Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). This includes the relevant instrumentation technology and the particular experimental challenges at the nanometer-scale. Content: Physics at the nanometer scale, forces, scaling-effects, high-resolution imaging systems, Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), force measurements, single-molecule spectroscopy, dynamics of AFM, image-processing, nano-mechanical characterization, nano-indentation.

The course language is English.


The lecture notes and any additional course material are updated every year and made available for download to registered students on TISS.


  • Written exam (50%), oral presentation (25%), contribution in lab practicals (25%)