Mechatronic and Instrumentation Project

The goal of the project is to acquire deeper knowledge and understanding in current topics on mechatronic systems by conducting a small-size individual project. The topics are selected from various topics, which are related to the current research in ACIN: mechatronics, instrumentation, optical metrology, scanning measurement systems and sensors, image processing for automation, component-based and modular automation, and service-oriented architecture in industrial automation systems.

In this course, students are asked to conduct a whole entire project in a systematic way: It starts with planning a research project, conducting project tasks, giving two presentations- interim and final presentation- and writing a final report. A mandatory lecture about “scientific working techniques” provides basic information and useful tips to conduct the project successfully.

The list of potential projects are given at the first introduction session at the beginning of the semester. It is recommended to start at the beginning of the semester since the list of projects are renewed every semester. The project can be flexibly started and finished besides the semester schedule.


The lecture notes will be provided starting with the semester.

Previous Projects